5 Things HGV Drivers Wish Car Drivers Would Consider


The average motorist will have no clue what it is like to be in control of an HGV because they have never been behind the wheel of one. People often complain about HGV drivers and news articles generally paint HGV drivers in a less than great light. Despite the stringent training provided by the likes of Surrey and Hampshire HGV Training, there are challenges these drivers still face that car drivers do not understand.

HGV Is Very Difficult To Manoeuvre

While it might seem obvious that these vehicles are hard to manoeuvre, many car drivers become impatient when an HGV block traffic for a few minutes while they turn and move their trailer. HGV drivers understand your frustration, but it is hard to move an 18-metre vehicle around tight corners with limited visibility. More experienced drivers will be better at doing this but they will still need to do this safely. It is important that you give them space and trust that they want to be out of the way as much as you want them to be.

An HGV Takes Longer to Brake Than a Car

This is another seemingly obvious point, but it needs to be taken into account when travelling behind or in front of an HGV. Cars will be able to stop fairly quickly if there are problems, while a fully loaded HGV requires 3 to 5 times the distance. If you are driving in front of an HGV and need to make a quick emergency stop this will cause them serious problems and is one of the most common causes of HGV accidents. If you see an HGV, make sure you give them enough time to brake and be patient when they slow down approaching intersections.

HGV Speed Is Regulated

There are many HGV’s that have signs which state that their speed is regulated to a set amount. This means that the vehicle is unable to go faster than that regulated speed. This is often why they will sit in the far lanes of the motorways, but many people still become frustrated with their speed. The HGV is not trying to slow you down, they are just unable to go any faster.

Drivers Cannot See as Much as You Might Assume

As an HGV is a large vehicle, the driver will actually have a limited field of vision when driving. The driver will have to pay attention and look out for other vehicles at all times. However, other drivers and pedestrians also need to ensure that they can easily be seen by the driver and that they do not get in the way of the limited visibility of the HGV.

The Road is Not Just for Cars

A survey done on the average HGV driver found that most drivers are frustrated by non-commercial drivers who seem to fail to understand that the road belongs to everyone. This survey of drivers found that the average road user does not have the patience or care with HGVs that they do with other cars. However, HGV drivers are just doing their jobs and they are not trying to inconvenience other people on the road. It is important that all drivers remember that the road is made for everyone to use and that all vehicles are different.

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Maintenance of the car and its all parts is important

Until and unless you take legitimate Care of your Car Tyres and audio system, you will never get a smooth and happy with driving knowledge. Regardless of whether you have a tasteful vintage make or a beautiful cutting edge sports Car, you ought to dependably check your Car spiral and the audio system. Regardless of the possibility that you distinguish any issue, you ought not to attempt to settle the issues all alone. A DIY approach for establishment or substitution of Car outspread is never worth unless you have applicable involvement in this field. Along these lines you ought to dependably search for a solid professional around you.

The requirement for a Tyre Repair

One generally needs a Tyre Repair sooner or later of time. If you need to have a smooth and agreeable ride, you will require it also. The spiral needs to run 24×7 even in unfriendly climatic conditions. In this way, you ought to dependably discover a presumed and reliable Repair place for their appropriate support and Repairs. Supplanting the Tyres is a truly exorbitant venture. In this way, you ought to dependably take as much time as necessary while searching for a solid expert.

Picking the best experts

A Car Repair center or good at car audio system center is the primary spot that anybody will visit after Car harm. If you are confronting any issue with the spiral or some other Car saves, you ought to really search for a confirmed Car professional. Attempt to do some examination and locate the best Car Repair experts in your area. A gifted technician will dependably dissect the issues at first and afterward offer you with an appropriate option.

Keeping up the outspread is extremely indispensable for your vehicle’s execution. Not exclusively will it offer a smooth and agreeable ride, it likewise shields you from street auto collisions. Picking a good at car tyre repair offers a lot of advantages. Not exclusively will it limit genuine street mishaps, it will streamline the Car execution too.

Popular Car centers offer a scope of Services. Aside from new marked outspread, they additionally offer budget and economy Car spiral. They supply distinctive sorts of Tyres for Cars and vans. They likewise offer premium fantastic Tyres at reduced costs and therefore are very prevalent among all the engine devotees. They offer a wide range of Tyre fitting and substitution Services at a moderate cost.

Check the state of your spiral nearly and attempt to keep it in the best condition. If you discover any deformity, contact a dependable Car repairman at the earliest opportunity. But, dependably experience their client tributes and check the certifications in advance. This will help you to settle on the correct decision!

Picking the Car Shop

A Car shop is one of the primary spots you visit when you meet any issue with your Car spiral or if you need to supplant any harm some portion of your vehicle. When you have picked the best shop in your general vicinity, you simply don’t have to stress in light of the fact that the experts at the shop will initially investigate your Car outspread and after that will give you the correct proposals. The greater part of the circumstances, they will prescribe you to change it.

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Tips on leasing Cars in Dubai, UAE

Leasing cars are the common vehicle ownerships that are utilized by the business owners. It is the best way to get the accessibility of the latest cars for the long duration. The best thing is that you can select from the various hot car lease deals to get your Long-term car rental Dubai.

So here, we have a few tips that will help you out while leasing cars, Dubai, UAE.

1-Driver’s permit

It is important that you have the driver’s permit of your country. So six months before leaving for Dubai make sure that you apply for the diver’s permit with your local travel agent. In order to apply you must:

  • Provide two passport size photographs
  • Pay the minor processing fee

Keep in mind that it is the proof of your present valid driver’s license and that you are eligible to drive. Without this permit, you are not allowed to drive a leased vehicle h Dubai.

2-Leasing agent

Once you have your permit the next step is to contact an authentic leasing agent like OneClickDrive.com It is the best company for Long term car rental Dubai because they have the hot car lease deals. All you have to do is let them know your requirements and they will meet them in the best possible way.

Apart from that, your leasing agent will also inform you about the legal documents and paperwork that you have to fulfill in order to get the ownership of the car. You might require the dealership of the license.

3-Type of car

Make sure that you let your leasing cars agent about the type of vehicle that you would like to have. You have to provide the following documents:

  • Visa status
  • Travel documents
  • License
  • Insurance provider

For the long-term car rental, Dubai make sure that you get your documents approved by the agencies as per the rules and regulations.


Regarding the hot car lease deals that you have selected make sure that you fulfill all the requirements that include:

  • Lease arrangement
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Mileage requirements


For your Long-term car rental Dubai to work out perfectly make sure that you are familiar with all driving laws. This will allow you to stay away from trouble and you could easily drive your vehicle. you must drive safely.

Make sure that you select from the hot car lease deals that will not only meet your requirements but your budget as well. As it will provide you the peace of mind and you will not have to deal with financial issues.

OneClickDrive has been providing the best leasing cars services. This is the reason that they have formed long-term relations with all their customers. They have a team of professional that will provide you consultation regarding your demands and then will help you select the best vehicle. For more information regarding their services, make sure that you contact them or visit their website.

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In case you didn’t know, a hybrid bicycle is designed to offer you some special abilities such as recreational riding, city touring, mountain cycling and daily commuting.

The Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike, priced at best hybrid bikes under 500 dollars is a good bike. It’s flashy, it’s well crafted, and it gets the job done. But is it the bike for you? Everyone is different, but there are some things everyone needs to consider while researching and purchasing their rides.

What piece of equipment is more important than the bike itself? If the vehicle’s no right, then not even Olympic cyclists can make a good ride out of it Not to mention it could be dangerous.

The manufacturer (Giordano) describes it as a versatile road bike with real road bike geometry and a combination of top-notch characteristics from some different bicycles. So what are the features of the RS700? Well, read on to learn about them and other things such as pros and cons.


Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike Features

It has a hand-made aluminum frame construction with a steel fork, so it is lightweight yet sturdy. Also called the Giordano RS700 Flat Bar Road Bike, this bike is sleek with red, white, and black designs.

The bike’s geometry is well designed to hug the road and give a smooth riding experience. Slightly heavier than other hybrids, it may be a tad slower than more expensive hybrid bikes.

The bike has 21 speeds, and it comes with Shimano Shifters and derailleurs. The rims are 700c aluminum for improved acceleration and climbing.

The front tire has a quick release assembly. This is a good option for commuters to help reduce theft concerns.

This men’s bike comes in two sizes.


  • Fits riders 5’7″ to 6′ tall with inseams between 29-31 inches
  • Tube top reaches 57.1 centimeters A Weighs 31.11 pounds


  • Fits riders 5’9″ to 6’2″ tall with inseams between 30-33 inches
  • Tube top reaches 59 cm A Weighs 31.09 pounds

The Pros:

-The manufacturer, Giordano, is a well-respected Italian bike designer and maker.

-The flat handlebar is more comfortable than the curved road handlebar.

-In general, customer reviews said this bike was smooth to ride and comfortable.

-It has two sizes which mean you can get a more precise fitting ride.

-Shimano parts are considered top of the line.

-Favorably compared to Schwinn bikes without the higher price.

-Very fluid gear shifting capabilities

-Designed for both paved road and mountain biking excursions

-Very user-friendly and straight forward usage

-Excellent for beginners and intermediate bike riders, both series and casual

-Giordano admits this is a budget friendly choice. It costs $299.99 per the manufacturer’s website.

The Cons:

-The brakes squeal very loudly because the white painted rims. But the brake works well.

-Assembly is complicated, so it is best to pay for an expert to put it together.

-Derailleurs and Gears are usually needed tuning after assembly.

-The seat provided is not high, so you may need to replace it.

-Some riders prefer the aerodynamics of a curved road handlebar for increased speed.

-The steel fork and other alloy parts can add weight and may rust.

-The bike is a little heavier than more expensive hybrid bikes, so it is a bit slower.


How your bike treats you all depends on you, and what you get out of it is about what you wanted to get out of it in the first place. The casual biker might be able to overlook the minor hiccups of this bike only to enjoy a healthy way to commute during their day.

But if you’re looking for some serious trekking and off-roading, then the minor flaws in this might be a deal breaker for you Most people suggest bringing a new bike that requires assembly to a shop, regardless, so any of those minor fixes could be handled right there.

After all, if you’re a big bike person, you’re no strange to the occasional tune up and shop visit for yourself.

If you want to more about mountain bikes visit this blog Best Mountain bikes under 1000 Dollars.

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