Bypass internet restrictions in the UK

Bypass internet restrictions in the UK

Many people in the UK feel sorry for people who have to live with internet restrictions and censorship. What they don’t take into account is that almost every country has some form of internet censorship and restriction, even countries that are normally considered to be democratic and free. This means that it may be desirable to find a way to bypass internet restrictions in the UK.

Internet restrictions By Cleanfeed

Internet traffic in the UK is currently passed through a service known as Cleanfeed or a similar system, which focuses on identifying and restricting indecent images of children. One interesting aspect of this is that URL not found error is produced, rather than informing the user that the page is blocked.

The outcome is that people within the UK don’t have any way of knowing what pages are part of this filter, and because of this, they have no real information about how significant internet restrictions in the country truly are. The UK government has argued that the government needs to have the ability to censor social media sites like and that freedom of information is not always a good thing.

GEO censorship within the UK

There have also been other concerning examples of censorship within the UK. There were concerns about an attempt to censor an advice video designed at helping people to appear decisions to remove their benefits. YouTube was instructed to remove copies of the video, and the original version also remains unavailable. This is a concerning example, because it directly contradicts freedom of information.

Additionally, censorship targeted at an instructional video creates serious concerns about the direction of information restriction in the future.

Proposals have suggested the development of laws that would force and similar sites to provide all the information that the government asks of them. At present, Google declines requests if they do not follow the spirit or letter of the law, such as when there is no reasonable suspicion of a person’s involvement in crime.

Find a VPN service to bypass internet restrictions

These aspects show that finding a way to bypass internet restrictions in the UK is critically important for individual users in the UK, regardless of what they do when they are online. A personal VPN gives this ability. It makes it appear as if the user is outside of the UK, and thus removes them from the restrictions that are prevalent in the internet for the UK. This is very easy to set up and to use.

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