Lice never chooses particular race to breed in, people often ask “Do the black people get lice?” yes of course they do but chances are low than white people due to multiple reasons. Hair lice are very common problem for children as well as for adults with unhygienic measures. Clean head is very important part of human’s personality. The itching in the head is most irritating thing person faces. So many people ask questions like what are head lice. How they can get into our hairs? And one of mostly asked question is do black people get lice? What is prevention one can take to avoid lice? How to get ride of lice in our hair? So let’s go ahead with the knowledge of lice and why there is difference in chance of lice in black and white people.

Lice are a parasite that uses human blood as diet, need warm environment to live and have size of 2-3 mm in length. They lay eggs that are adhered to hairs easily differentiated from dandruff.

Black people can get lice but due to their hair structure and skeletal of skull they have less chance. There are multiple factors like shape of hairs like oval or rounded. The American people with light head skin color have rounded hairs but black people of Africa and from other countries with black skin have oval hairs. It may not be a big deal for humans but for lice it is matter of life and death. Rounded hair provide clawing site for lice but oval hair doesn’t so they start finding proper head for them but if they could not they eventually die. The next reason is that their head skin has pores bigger than white people because the skin with wide pores is oilier so is not favorable for lice. It is also believed that the people who use oil regularly for hairs have less risk of having lice. So curly and straight hairs also make difference with lice risk curly hair have more risk so people straight their hair to prevent them from this problem.

Answer to the question that do black people get lice? is yes they can get lice. Now let’s move to the treatment of head lice. The treatment begins at home, first wash hairs with lice killing shampoo. Reduce the length of your hair if they are long in case if you are male. And comb your hairs regularly until they are gone. Shampoo will eradicate the lice and comb will remove eggs from your hair as well as remove lice.

The precautions one should take for their children or for themselves to avoid the head lice problem are

1- Don’t exchange your clothes with your friends that are used for head.

2- Don’t touch other girl’s hair and don’t share brushes and combs.

3-Don’t sleep on the pillows of others until you know they are clear of lice

4- Check your child hair after school it is better know sooner about lice.

So black people do get lice but have less risk than the American and the people with light skin color.

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