Batch/ Melt inclusion bags

Batch/ Melt inclusion bags

Batch or melt inclusion bags are also known as Batch inclusion bag, melt-able bags, dissolve-able bags, melt bags, low temperature melt bag, thermoplastic melt bag, eva bag, LDPE bag, road paint bags, thermoplastic road paint bag, water soluble bags, soluble bags. They are used for the primary purpose of mixing different items such as rubber and other mixing materials.

Uses of Batch/Melt Inclusion Bags

They are used for the primary purpose of mixing different items such as rubber and other mixing materials.

The Batch or melt inclusion bags are very useful since they are used in amalgamation of different kinds of products for example, in large manufacturing companies. The bags ensure that there is no wastage of products, they are highly resilient and are not permeable. The products are contained in a still state preventing any product inconsistency and uneven composition of the individual particles within the product.

Batch inclusion bag

Efficiency of Batch/Melt Inclusion Bags

The bags enable safe transportation of the products since there is no spillage, this enables you weigh and record the measurements of the products before transportation or shipping of the products. The efficiency and convenience with which these plastic bags brings is magmas, it can enable you to save on costs since there is no wastage of products. Products can also be measured in house preventing the need to transport goods which are not weighed or transporting good to another company to be weighed. This prevents incurring of other extra costs in totality. Due to the fact that the batch or melt inclusion bags are impermeable, there is no resultant spillage, this saves the energy that would be used for secondary cleaning and or other manufacturing mixing processes.

Batch inclusion bag manufactured have a printing friendly surface, where you can print graphic features and other blocks and glossy or matte prints. The batch inclusion bags also prevent are air proof, they therefore prevent the contamination of manufactured products. The bags can be used for a number of manufacturing processes such as road marking paints, chemical batch inclusion, rubber batch inclusions, bag within bag batch inclusions, water filtration batch inclusions, conveyor belt batch inclusions, rubber hose/elastomeric hose batch inclusions and recycled rubber or rubber crumb batch inclusions.

The bags are also highly reusable and can be repurposed for other functions. The nature in which they were produced prevents spoilage of goods or improper mixing of products. It maintains the consistency and value of the goods.


Aalmir Plastic Manufacturing Company prides itself in the manufacture of high quality, resilient and durable batch inclusion bags. They have a good customer care support and once an order is received for the supply of such bags, they manufacture the order within the shortest period of time possible. They also distribute the bags in large scale, thus for large scale manufacturers and producers of chemical products, rubber and rubber products as well as water filtration. They can procure the goods in the amount of batches requested without failure.

Aalmir Plastics Manufacturing Company has been the producer of batch inclusion bags over a long period of time. The bags are of high quality and have an outstanding consistency that set it apart from other bags manufactured by other companies.

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