Asset tracking system and Post tracking

Asset tracking system enables you to get a precise representation of your assets without a doubt adding a wide range of value to your business enterprise. It can also be the ideal means from which a company can control its assets, regardless of what kind of assets they may be. Asset Tracking System is meant to control track, handle resources, and products.


Asset tracking systems make it easy to control your organization’s valuable properties and best of all is the fact that there are now many available gadgets for almost any and every type of asset you can think of. Using the combination of computers and asset tracking software, it will be possible to accelerate your asset management activities and the overall operations which are essential to the general functioning of the company. Utilized in the easiest ways, these are awesome devices to save a business valuable time and financial expenditures; this is definitely where they are exceptional. Introducing: Expd Asset Tracking: it is a versatile solution that provides entire visibility into the location and the usage of your assets, from a handy portal. Get comprehensive visibility of your properties whereabouts and utilization. From high-valued powered tools to towed and non-powered assets, knowing where your handheld assets are and exactly how they are being utilized, via on-demand and comprehensive activity records, will enable your company to better manage asset overall performance and expenses. When used with Expd asset tracking services, you’ll have the ability to observe all your automobiles and towed assets in one location. Features of our tracking services. ● Check out the location and state of your transportable assets with custom-built updates. ● Inspect your vehicles and your assets with EXPD management integration. ● Obtain usage records for one or more assets across several places of interest. ● Durable style and design for outdoor usage with diverse asset types. ● Get an immediate alert if a unit alters location or is out of reach. ● Connect user interface with extensive devices sensors via digital input sensor. Advantages of our asset tracking services. ● Easily view your asset performance and area from a single handy web-based portal. ● Browse your service automobiles together with properties to get the most efficient project. ● Guarantee the highest utilization of assets by monitoring productivity costs. ● Enhance optimization by figuring out idle and seldom used assets. ● Find stolen resources and detect unlawful use by means of immediate alerts. ● Monitor and record on other devices metrics to simplify efficiencies. ● Rugged hardware for fast and simple installation. Expd also offers post tracking services at your fingertips, anytime – with our handy post tracking application. Our Post tracking services enable you to: ● Save the products you are tracking to see them in a single location. ● Get electronic mail, Text message, and push notifications on the go. ● Share announcements with other people to keep them up-to-date. ● Redirect your package to another shipping address, while it’s in transit. ● Allow us to leave your package in a secure place when you’re not home.

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