How to Apply for the Green Card Lottery

How to Apply for the Green Card Lottery

Most of us are aware how a standard lottery runs. It’s indeed exciting to know that you can participate the lottery and when you are chosen in random, you got the chance to win a prize. Similarly, the United States State Department has taken the edge of performing the lottery program, which enables people to win a permanent residency in the United States.

Officially recognized as the Diversity Lottery Program, it’s also known as the Green Card Lottery program. As a part of this casual lottery process, this program enables 50,000 applicants to get green cards. It is made to offer opportunity immigrants from different parts of the world to immigrate to the United States.

How to qualify for the Green Card Lottery

The most important aspect of applying for the DV lottery was screening for eligibility. If you are the applicant, you should meet the requirements before applying to the program. In order to qualify, you must be a native of a qualifying country, at the same time meet the educational or work requirement.

If you don’t belong to the qualifying country, then you can claim eligibility with your spouse, or if you are not married, you can claim it with one of your parents given they’re from a qualifying country. Keep in mind that a country is qualified when it has low admission rates to the United States and the list of these countries varies every year.

The State Department has the responsibility for the Green Card Lottery program and it’s the only organization that supervises the Green Card Lottery Program. In order to participate in the lottery, every application should meet the requirements made by the organization. Applications are normally accepted for a specific period and normally between October and December.

The applications are accepted within the given time and numerous submissions result to disqualifications. The applications are filled and delivered automatically. You will find different sites, which provide the service for the preparation of the application. The application for Green Card Lottery is free, and is filled online and need to be filled and submitted for each instruction. When the application is sent together with the needed photos that are mandatory, a verification number will be sent. With this number, you can check the current status of your application on the government site

Apart from that, as far as the images are concerned, make sure that you have them. When the family members are covered in your application, you’ll need to include separate photo of each of them. The entire selection process is computerized and the winners will be informed via mail.

Green Card applicant normally feels insecure and uncertain while they apply for the visa with the Green Card Lottery as there could be dishonest websites that make false claims when it comes to increasing their probabilities to win. For those applicants who are concerned about acquiring a Green Card via the
DV Lottery Program, do not despair too much as there are other ways of getting them as well.

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