Amazing Pretty Nail Designs

Nail designs have become a very popular trend now days. Both men and women have the desire to look more beautiful and cute so they adopt some fashions to make them self cute and different from others. However, in women this desire is much higher than males. Women do make up, wear jewelry and also do some other things to achieve this goal.  For them, one of the cheapest and amazing thing is nail designing.

The nail designs enhance the beauty of women or ladies and they look so cute and pretty among others. There are a lot of pretty nail designs that are very popular and enhance enough beauty .The pretty nail designs consists of both simple and complex designs. These designs look so cute on all types of nails like short, long and artificial nails also.

Before you go to make any type of nail design, it is necessary that you should have to complete knowledge of following things.

Nail preparation:

For Nail preparation, first of all it is very important for you to remove the previous nail polish from your nail. For this purpose use the nail polish remover. After that take a nail polish filer and start to shape your nail accurately. Here, you have two options to shape your nails in different ways like round or square shape. So take filler and make the desired shape on your nails. Keep in mind that shaping the nails is very important in order to make any design. click here for more info about nails and their solutions and Specially you will learn about Acrylic nails.

Design the nails:

Apply the base coat on the nail while shaping the nails. Keep in mind that always use light color nail polish for this purpose. A light color nail polish is easily available in the market and it is cheap also. It prevents your nails from gaining yellowish color.

Select the pretty art design and paint it accurately on your nail. It is good for you to select the simple nail design in the beginning and after that you can adopt a complicated design. After some time you will be able to get command in art designing. To enhance your nail beauty you can select combination or different colors.


Tool play vital role to make designs on the nails. For pretty nail designs it is very important for you to have right tool for this purpose. Here are some tools that are essential for any nail designing.

Nail brushes: Nail brushes are the essential for making any designs on the nails. Keep them in proper way and don’t let them to dry. Many people use nail art pens to make the design on the nails. These are the perfect for making lines. These works like pens.

Sponge: It is also an important tool that is used to make ombre design on the nails. You can also use nail brush in place of sponges for the same purpose. But sponges make the designing very easy. These are very helpful in attaining the softer look on nails.

Dotters:  Dotters are used in nail designing. These are very cheap and easily available in the market.

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