Amazing Diving and Snorkelling Destination

Amazing Diving and Snorkelling Destination

Located in Indonesia, in Southeast Asia, Raja Ampat consists of about 1,000 islands, each special and characteristic with their own different kinds of intense scenery, whether it is lush jungle throughout, blue skies and white-sandy beaches, large scale caves to explore, or ancient and hidden lagoons.

No matter what kind of adventure you’re looking for, the area is no doubt one of the most beautiful destinations that you could visit. This is why we’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons why you need to visit a Raja Ampat resort.


  1. An amazing diving and snorkelling destination

Raja Ampat is known amongst many tourists and locals as one of the best hotspots for diving. To many, it is also considered the best scuba diving resort they’ve ever seen.

As the group of islands are so close to one another and considering its geographical location, it has a very bio-diverse range of animals and fish. You will find that there are up to 540 types of different coral and more than 1000 types in fish available to swim, dive and snorkel with.

There is a lack of boats and people in the area, meaning there is much less risk of contamination of the coral and marine life. This makes it very advantageous and popular amongst many divers who often find they return to this location.

The wide array of diverse coral reefs available mean that any diver can adventure through once in a life time vertical underwater walls and coral gardens.

For any divers interested in Raja Ampat, you will find that there are many quality resorts dedicated to providing the best experience possible.

These resorts will usually offer one or two week different packages that are diving related, including whatever transfers between locations, food for the journeys and a lot of diving during the day.


  1. Birdwatching

 Alongside the beautiful marine and coral reefs available, the islands are home to amazing and, in many cases, unique birds that you’ll have the opportunity to view and maybe even interact with.

For example Raja Ampat is one of the most popular and best places to watch a bird species known as the Bird of Paradise, a bird lined with colourful feathers and a long tail.

This bird is the pride and joy of Indonesia, being rather shy but willing to perform a famous dance with colourful plumage in the morning.

At many of the resorts, you will find that they offer expert birdwatchers that will be available for hire. These birdwatches will guide you around relevant islands and shows you just how exactly to spot these birds perfectly.


  1. Sailing

Sailing with a relatively small amount of people is one of the best ways to explore what the islands have to offer. Exotic cruises or sailing gives people the luxury and comfort to explore the hidden and different islands.

Some of these islands are even deserted and offer the very best that nature has to offer. You’ll find that at the same time, some of these sailing options are include snorkelling.

If you’re looking for one of the best ways to explore the islands, you can’t wrong here. By sailing you can easily visit a different island every single day, and you can compare the quiet villages on some islands to the lavish and polished homes on different islands.


  1. White Sand Beaches

Arriving at Raja Ampat, I’m positive there is one thing that you will quickly notice – the beautiful, enchanting white sand beaches. No matter which island you’ll be traversing or where you’ll go, there will be one similarity: the white sandy beaches lined with palm trees.


During your time, you will find your own picture-perfect paradise to spoil yourself with a view free from any tourists that are a bit too close for comfort. Whether you are alone or with family and friends, these beaches are the perfect location to sit back and relax, enjoying the best that Indonesia has to offer.



  1. Have a go at kayaking

The transparent shallow waters of Raja Ampat’s lagoons are sought out for exploring. Many choose to walk through the sand of the lagoons body, or swim through its divine body, but the best way to enjoy the lagoons and the many islands of is to kayak.

For beginners and for more advanced kayakers, you can have a go at kayaking and experiencing the spray of the water. There are many different resorts available to you with some packages including a local guide where you can stay in local homestays as you go.

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