5 Things HGV Drivers Wish Car Drivers Would Consider

5 Things HGV Drivers Wish Car Drivers Would Consider


The average motorist will have no clue what it is like to be in control of an HGV because they have never been behind the wheel of one. People often complain about HGV drivers and news articles generally paint HGV drivers in a less than great light. Despite the stringent training provided by the likes of Surrey and Hampshire HGV Training, there are challenges these drivers still face that car drivers do not understand.

HGV Is Very Difficult To Manoeuvre

While it might seem obvious that these vehicles are hard to manoeuvre, many car drivers become impatient when an HGV block traffic for a few minutes while they turn and move their trailer. HGV drivers understand your frustration, but it is hard to move an 18-metre vehicle around tight corners with limited visibility. More experienced drivers will be better at doing this but they will still need to do this safely. It is important that you give them space and trust that they want to be out of the way as much as you want them to be.

An HGV Takes Longer to Brake Than a Car

This is another seemingly obvious point, but it needs to be taken into account when travelling behind or in front of an HGV. Cars will be able to stop fairly quickly if there are problems, while a fully loaded HGV requires 3 to 5 times the distance. If you are driving in front of an HGV and need to make a quick emergency stop this will cause them serious problems and is one of the most common causes of HGV accidents. If you see an HGV, make sure you give them enough time to brake and be patient when they slow down approaching intersections.

HGV Speed Is Regulated

There are many HGV’s that have signs which state that their speed is regulated to a set amount. This means that the vehicle is unable to go faster than that regulated speed. This is often why they will sit in the far lanes of the motorways, but many people still become frustrated with their speed. The HGV is not trying to slow you down, they are just unable to go any faster.

Drivers Cannot See as Much as You Might Assume

As an HGV is a large vehicle, the driver will actually have a limited field of vision when driving. The driver will have to pay attention and look out for other vehicles at all times. However, other drivers and pedestrians also need to ensure that they can easily be seen by the driver and that they do not get in the way of the limited visibility of the HGV.

The Road is Not Just for Cars

A survey done on the average HGV driver found that most drivers are frustrated by non-commercial drivers who seem to fail to understand that the road belongs to everyone. This survey of drivers found that the average road user does not have the patience or care with HGVs that they do with other cars. However, HGV drivers are just doing their jobs and they are not trying to inconvenience other people on the road. It is important that all drivers remember that the road is made for everyone to use and that all vehicles are different.

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