5 Tapered Cut Styles For Natural Hair

There are a lot of hairstyles for your long as well as short hair. If you have short hair, it’s time to give yourself a new look by a new haircut. But before you go for big chop or any other short haircut, educate yourself with the tapered cut hairstyle. If you are looking for cut your hair in tapered cut you need to check these 5 Tapered Cut styles for natural hair fashionikcom can help you to enhance your overall look as well as you will never feel boring with your hair anymore.


1: Twist Out

It is most common haircut and style in tapered cut which you can use in your informal life. It can also work for you if you are going to attend any family gathering or small get to together. Just find a professional hair dresser who can work for you to give you a perfect tapered cut and twist out hairstyle. If you don’t want to spend money to visit any salon and already have tapered cut, you can style your hair at home in twist out way. The key to make this hairstyle is to twisting your hair towards edges of your face.

2: Rod Set

Many women like bouncy curly look of hair but unfortunately they don’t feel easy to manage the curly hair but now you can manage as well as enjoy curly look tapered cut. You can enjoy the rod set hairstyle with your tapered cut. If you really need bouncy curly look, this rod set hairstyle is for you in which you need to insert rod set in your hair while rolling your hair around the rod. After inserting the rod you need to dry your hair overnight and keep in mind that rods will be heatless so there is no chance of damage to your hair. Next day you need to remove the rods from the hair and enjoy the bouncy curly hair.

3: Braid out

As we all know that braids are really famous and liked by the majority of the women from the different cultures as well as countries. With the tapered cut you can also enjoy the braid out style. In this style you need to braid your tapered cut hair towards the edges of your face. Complete the braids of the hair and leave them for overnight, on the next day take your braids down and blow dry them to give them volume. Give your braids a finished look and enjoy.

4: Bantu Knots

In this hairstyle you need the first step from the previous mentioned style after blown out your hair. In the tapered cut it is really easy and manageable hairstyle in which you need to remove the braids which you have created in previously mentioned style and then separating the curly hair with the help of finger. Don’t use the comb to remove the curls because it will destroy your effort of creating curly look. This hairstyle can add volume and bouncy look to your hair.

5: lat Twist out

It is quite like the twist out hairstyle, just you need one change that you add this style after freshly washing your hair. Apply this hairstyle on your wet hair and twist your hair from the back of your head to the face. Let the hair dry naturally and next remove the twists from the hair and enjoy the gorgeous look of your hair.

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