5 Business Ideas for Students with Almost No Startup Cost

5 Business Ideas for Students with Almost No Startup Cost

To make your life easy and to fulfill all your needs, you need to compete with the rest of the world. These days, it is not possible to survive for a family with only one person working to earn money and to support all other family members. Usually in developing countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, it is the responsibility of the head of the house to go out and work to bare the expenses of all the family members including the study expenses of children. But now, students get some awareness that they can at least do some work as a freelancer or a part time job to bare the expenses of their own education and give some relief to the head of their house which is usually their father.

Here I am giving 5 business ideas for students with almost no startup cost:

Web Development

These days, almost every student has a computer or a laptop for studies purposes along with a good internet connection. Students can work as a freelance web developer and can offer their services to different startup companies who want online presence. There is no startup cost at all if the student has his own computer and internet connection. He just needs to learn some basic techniques on how to develop a startup website.

Most of the students from IT field have knowledge of different programming languages like PHP, JAVA and ASP.Net but even if he is not familiar with these, he can easily learn how to setup a WordPress website by watching different step by step video tutorials from YouTube. From part time web developer a student can easily establish his own startup business by hiring few more freelancers and outsourcing the work in low price.

Content Writer

Students are normally good in searching different things on the internet and they also have good writing skills. So content writing could also be a good Startup idea for a student to work in free hours and make money online without any startup cost. Different companies regularly asks for the content for their websites and students can provide them their required content in relatively low price as compared to a professional writer without compromising on the quality of the content. So it could be a good idea to start a part time business without investing anything except the expertise and time.

Online Courses & Tutoring

It is very common that Indian, Pakistani or Bengali students work as a tutor and they join different academies or they start home tuitions. But for these they have to go out of their house or hostel and they can only teach few students. But starting online courses, and offering online teaching facilities have a good scope for students. They can teach a student of lower class and grades online using Skype or other video confessing apps.

They can make a handsome amount by offering online teaching facility and they can also put their courses online at their own websites or on YouTube and then they can monetize their content for making easy online money.

Social Media Consulting

Almost every business and companies have their social media pages to spread the awareness about their services and products to a wide audience. Students are very good in communicating with other people and they also knew different tricks and methods to spread their content on social media and get good reach. It is a fact that big groups and pages on Facebook and other social media sites are run by students but they don’t know how they can make a good use of these pages. So they can offer their services to different startup companies to handle their social media pages or they can be their virtual assistant to guide them how to run a successful campaign on social media.

Graphic Designing

Logo designing is also a very good business and it can make good money for you. A student who is good in using Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw can offer his services to different companies or start his career as a part time freelancer at any freelancing site like UpWork or Fiverr. Photo editing, logo designing, Flyer designs, designing visiting cards, business card, and even website’s templates could be a good startup business for the students and they can make money online with no startup cost at all.

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