4 Effective Ways on How to Clean White Sneakers

White sneakers are stylish and popular shoes all over the world. Mostly people like to wear these shoes in summer season when they are more active. White sneakers become dirty very early when they are not clean properly. No doubt, cleaning shoes is a difficult task because these shoes are made from different materials and their cleaning methods depend upon their material. So, how to clean white sneakers is a valuable question.


 Here are few methods to brightening the white sneakers.

 Polish your shows:

Polish makes the shoes clean and clear. However, the Selection of the polish, in order to clean them is very important. There are many types of polishes available in the market for example waxes, pastes, liquids and creams. Creams and paste are the much better choices among these because they work well on all types of shiny and leather shoes. They both penetrate the surface of shoes and add moister. Cream and paste covered all the stretches and imperfections as well.

Wax shoe polishes are good for shoes but they did not work well with the actual leather shoes because these haven’t the tendency to penetrate the surface of leather.

Liquid polishes are similar to the wax polishes. These are easy to use however; these cannot treat the actual leather and cannot penetrate the surface of shoes.


  • First of all select the right polish for your white sneakers. For this purpose apply polish over the small area of the shoe and check the color whether it is matching or not. If yes, then take a soft and clean piece of cloth and use it to apply the polish on your shoes.
  • Gently rub the polish in small circular motions.
  • Put plenty of polish on any imperfections accurately.
  • Now, leave the shoes to dry.
  • Buff the shoes with the help of soft cloth or brush to create shinning.


Cleaning the shoes with soaps:

White sneakers are cleaned with different soaps. This process works wonderfully and your dirty shoes shows newer look.



  • Take a soft piece of cloth and remove all the dirt from the surface of your shoes.
  • Remove the laces before washing the shoes.
  • Use warm water and resin inside and outside of the shoes completely.
  • Now prepare a solution of natural soap and warm water. For this purpose you can use common soaps to clean the white converse such as sand soap, hand soap and dish washing liquid.
  • Take a soft brush and rub the shoes throughout with the soap solution. Keep in mind that, don’t rub so hard it can damage the surface of shoes. So slowly remove all the scuff marks with the help of brush.
  • Wash the shoes throughout with the help of warm water again.
  • Use paper towel to absorb water from the shoes. Don’t use the news paper to stuffing the shows. Its black ink can ruin your shoes.
  • Leave the shoes to dry.

Machine washing:

Washing machine is use to clean the white sneakers. This method is very effective to brightening them.

  • Remove the lace of both shoes, fold them together and throw them in washing machine along with shoes.
  • Put half cup of regular detergent in the machine and throw your white sneakers along with couple of white towels.
  • Apply warm cycle to wash them.
  • Take out the shoes from washing machine and let them to dry overnight. Put some news papers in the shoes to maintain their shape.
  • Never use air drier to dry your white sneakers because heat can melt your shoes.

Cleaning with toothpaste:

Many people use tooth paste to clean the white sneakers. This is very simple method of cleaning the shoes.

  • Take old toothbrush and dab toothpaste on it.
  • Smoothly rub the strain of your shoes with toothbrush and then leave it for I0 minutes.
  • Resin them with warm water
  • Dry them with a clean piece of cloth and leave them for further dryness.
  • You can repeat this process If necessary.

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