Back in the old days, manual management of data was one heck of a job especially for hospitals. Saving in even a slight bit of wrong information could take someone’s life or even led to firing of any employee. Thanks to the modern day technology, nothing is difficult with the innovations of computers and softwares. In this article I am going to talk about revolutionary software that has made the medical practice management super easy for everyone out there.

First of all you must know the main difference between these two terms on which our whole article is based.

What does EHR means?

EHR stands for Electronic Health Record. It means that this software allows electronic sharing of the records of different patients with other medical providers and medical applications. The main aim of this software is to work up for the overall health of the patient. One example of this EHR software is that the patient and the doctors can see the lab test results and history on computers with the help of internet. Not just that, patients can also chat with their doctors and they can also schedule the next appointment online.

What does EMR means?

EMR stands for Electronic Medical Record. As depicted by the name, this software helps in revenue patient’s records. Basically it is a digital version of paper chart which has all of the medical history of a patient. EMR software is usually used for the diagnosis of disease or treatment by the doctor for a particular patient.

What are the benefits of having this software in a hospital?

Here are some of the benefits of having EMR software in a hospital:

  1. Has an ability to track data over time
  2. Identification of patients who are due for preventive visits and screenings
  3. Monitoring of patients to some parameters like blood pressure readings and vaccination
  4. Enhances the overall health care experience in a medical practice.

Here are some of the benefits of EHR software:

  1. Enables a safer and a more reliable drug prescription
  2. Enhance security and privacy of a patient’s record
  3. Improves the communication and interaction of doctors with their patients.
  4. Secured sharing of patient’s personal data with other clinicians
  5. Helps in quick accessing of patient’s data
  6. Provides an accurate, updated and complete information regarding every single patient whose data has been saved in this software
  7. Helps the doctors in improving work efficiency and meeting their business goals.
  8. Helps the doctors in reducing medical error, proper and authentic diagnosis and in providing safe care to every patient.
  9. Helps in managing extra expenses of an organization because of less paper work, improved safety and reduced duplication of testing.


Life has surely gotten better with advancement in science. One innovation is the hospital management software. These softwares have brought up big changes in terms of efficiency and authentication of performance in different hospitals and clinics. In this article I have talked about two e-clinic softwares, these are EHR/EMR software. Both these software are helping big time in providing the patients and doctors with a platform that doesn’t leave a room for error along with proficient working.

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If you are looking for cool patches for patches then here you are! We know that each one of us is a real and an actual, original one jeans lover. We want stylish looking jeans all the time. We want some coolest looking jeans so that we can look exciting enough. If you will go for the simple and dull looking jeans then how can you grab the attention of other people? You should be wearing some trendy looking jeans so that you can carry that X-factor in your personality and too in your looks. These days, we are seeing that jeans are coming in the patches form, now jeans do not at all coming in the simplest way. You can have ripped jeans, and you can for the skinny jeans, you can have the iron patch jeans, you can wear these embroidered patch jeans. Here we will only be focusing, and our center of attention will be on the patched jeans. You can check out the pictures, and you will like the jeans. If you are tired of wearing these dull and boring looking jeans, then it is the time to give a changed to look to you jeans wardrobe. You can do that by taking idea and help from this page:


Latest Styles In Cool Patches For Jeans:

  • You can go for the burn book patch, shark patch, lucky denim patch, hang in their robe patch, tree hugger patch, plant life patch, egg patch- all of these patches comes in the coolest category. You can customize these patches too on your jeans. Just go to the jeans and tell them that you want this kind pf spot, they will right away give you that customized jeans patch & Divine Custom Masonic aprons
  • The Seahawks patch, red rose patch, rainbow strike patch, patch with your name and birth year, I support all of the single mom’s patches- these patches are to the latest and current trend these days. To flaunt your legs, to make your presence a prominent one, to give your personality a highlighted look, you should go for these cool patches for jeans.
  • Talking about some other patches for your jeans, you can try this illumination patch, killed patch, hedgehog patch, red cherry patch, evil eye patch, floral in style embroidered patches- they will also look great on your jeans.

Patches On Jeans Have Become A Latest Trend

It is a fact that now simple style jeans have become and oldest fashion. The revival in the jeans have made and these days, men and women section, girls and boys section, kids section are going demand of these patched jeans. You can book your order as well, and you can create and come up with your patch design and tell the jeans maker that you want this kind of patch on your jeans!

Check out all of these pictures, from these images you will be getting lots of ideas that what kind of pieces you should opt. If we get in hand more of the designs and styles of these pieces, we will update you. Stay in touch with us and start wearing these kinds of pieces, you will like their flow and designs a lot. Stay tuned with us.

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Working with a House Renovation Service provider

House renovation not just enhances the worth of your house, yet it additionally improves the charm of your house as well as makes it an extra comfy location to live. In order to finish the renovation job done completely, you should work with the solution of a dependable residence renovation professional. As there countless specialists offered on the market, it is very important to select the one that could provide an effective residence renovation task. You could obtain referrals as well as referrals from your buddies or associates that have actually employed a professional in the current past. It is critical to examine whether the professional you intend to work with has a certificate and also is guaranteed. You could likewise get in touch with the customer events to see whether the customers have actually submitted any type of grievance versus the professional, prior to employing him.

Prior to restoring your residence, you should go over with your professional regarding the range and also extent of home renovation contractor you desire and also what does it cost? Quantity you could manage to invest. The service provider will certainly give a price quote of the renovation price, which will certainly inform you whether it deserves to invest. It is vital to validate whether there would certainly be any kind of unforeseen price as well as the job would certainly be finished on schedule. Trusted specialists could give you solutions, inning accordance with your spending plan and also preference. They allow you tailor their solutions to fulfill your specialized renovation demands. They learn professionals having substantial understanding of alternates that best suit your budget plan.

Significant residence renovation jobs like including an additional bed room, transforming your flooring ceramic tiles, shower room renovation or cooking area renovation are complicated jobs that can be challenging to achieve without the assistance of an expert. Doing them on your own could wind up in surpassing your budget plan. This is the major factor for why you have to work with a knowledgeable specialist to do the renovation task for you. The service provider that is a professional in this sector could eliminate all the stress and anxiety in your renovation job. You simply should clarify just what you require as well as he will certainly deal with the remainder. Furthermore, a reliable service provider could aid you decrease your residence renovation prices.

A skilled residence renovation and basement waterproofing specialist conserves you added expense, initiative as well as time. He could additionally suggest some much better layouts and also techniques that you could not have actually considered. He handles all facets of your residence renovation task, like working with as well as monitoring subcontractors, obtaining structure authorizations and so forth. Selecting a proficient service provider could aid you make your house one of the most important property.

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Walking through luxury land

Luxury land is magical- gold, silver and all that shimmers! Smart and exquisite watches cater to exclusive tastes of select few creating an aura of subtle charm and chic while panache reins this land of style. Visitors in this land are allowed to be awestruck but a word of caution for the doe-eyed is called for. Your watch is a window to your personality. Choose wisely!

A commonwealth of this land with some of the finest collections such as those of Rolex, Hublot and Tissot watches is online retail outlet Ethos Watch Boutiques. Besides, if you have a thing for Tissot, you are in for a delightful experience. Read on to learn more about some of their most stunning creations and how to pick the one that fits your bill.

1. For the newcomer
As someone who has just entered the land and is a stranger to its customs, it is probably easier to play safe and go with what one knows looks great. One gets bold with years, and it is not always a bad thing to test the waters before plunging in, head first.

Tissot T Classic Tradition (Model: T063.637.36.037.00)

A tradition of this land, simple yet classic! This model with a sleek leather belt perfectly complements the rose-gold dial. It is meant for the kings, and is a thing to be proud of. A perfect kick-start to your luxury treasury, it is bound to give you the first-hand experience of royalty.

  1. For the young royal princess

Who said royalty is dead? There may not be monarchy anymore, but we still believe in regality. There is no doubt that this land is for those who like to live lavishly and look no less than a king, or in this case, a young princess who just got her first glimpse of this extraordinary world.

Tissot T Lady T Round (Model: T096.

Youthful and fun, it is the perfect piece for our little teenager who not only loves to have fun, but also look for a certain kind of classy. Spoilt for choices, Tissot presents a number of other alternatives, but this gem with the pink just takes our hearts away!

What do you think, daddy’s little girl?

  1. For the bold rider

For the brave and the bold, the excited and the experimental – Tissot provides a whole range of quirky yet classy options.

Tissot T Sport V8 (Model: T106.417.11.031.00)

A bold choice befitting all young individuals who like to experiment with styles – sporty or otherwise. With a checkered metal belt, it has a blue-bordered dial to add a gush of freshness to the design. A fine choice, it does well to personalities which require an edge in their lives!

  1. For the natural leader 

The king of the land – the person who has been in the luxury-land for long enough to know his way around. He is bound to have a choice of his own, bridging from all the decisions he has made in his regime.

Tissot T Classic Everytime (Model: T109.410.33.021.00)

The gold signifies power and taste, and who better than an old resident of the luxury-land to be in possession of it? An intricate belt speaks to the wearer with its elegant simplicity.

  1. For our quintessential queen 

Then there are those who are permanent resident to this area, with their airs and graces. Our queens want nothing but perfection, and go to any mile to get that. Sure of their preferences, these fine ladies know exactly what to shop for. Elegant, and outstanding – that is the winning combo for them.

Tissot T Lady (Model:T058.

This one in a million pattern on the strap can take your breath away. The gold just adds shine to the shimmer!

Have a look, enter this mesmerising land. Luxury is not just an element here, it is the general law and order, and you – a proud citizen.

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Topics in Mathematical Modeling

Review of topics in mathematical modelling:

Much of this progress within the last few centuries has made it necessary in order to mathematical approaches to real life problems arising from different fields – be it science, finance, management along with. The use of mathematics in solving real life problems is very wide spread especially as a result of increasing computational power of digital computers and computing methods, which have facilitated the handling of lengthy and complicated problems. Interpretation of reiki is process of some real life problem within a mathematical form may put a better representation and solution of some problems. Is essential translation is called mathematical acting.

Some Topics in Dissertation part Writing Service UK Modelling:

Laws of Life that could Scaled, Social networks and the Internet, Modeling Citation Network and the globe Wide Web,

Editing Services for Dissertation modelling change based on timesteps, The instalments on Mortagage Loans, Interest Compounded Monthly, Interest Compounded on Daily Basis, Various Differential Equation based Modelling eg. Carbon Dating, HIV Modeling,Modeling associated with Physical Sciences, Age of the Universe, Kepler, Newton, and Calculus,Discrete Time Logistic Map, Periodic and Chaotic Solutions,Snowball Earth and Global Warming,Interactions: Predator-Prey, Spraying of Pests, Nonlinear Population Models: A summary of Qualitative Analysis Using Phase Planes, Carnivores in a country,Marriage and Divorce

Different Process Followed in Topics of Mathematical Modelling:

There are very different process associated topics of mathematical acting.They are understanding the problem, Formulation , Finding issue and interpretation. This leads us with regard to an important observation of Dissertation Proofreading . The real world is too complex to understand and describe completely. We just pick few main factors to be completely accurate that may influence the predicament. Try to obtain a simplified model which gives some understanding of the disorder.

Validation/Interpretation to a mathematical model:

A mathematical model is actually attempt to study, highly effective press release characteristic with the real life problem. Often model equations are obtained by assuming the situation in an idealised framework. The model will be useful only if it explains all facts that we wish to explain. Otherwise, we will reject it, or else, improve it, and then test as before.

Statistics the defined being a systematic associated with collection, classification, tabulation , analysis, interpretation and drawing valid inferences of numerical data for any field of human activity. In almost all of the fields of human activity, the question that crops in include the variability of characteristics. The variability could be observed in nature, could be the sound footing of statistical analysis which tells using a certain higher level of confidence, the relative and absolute risks involved. This helps in management in selection and planning for the likely.

Application of statistics pervade virtually every area of management decision making whether or not it’s production, finance, distribution, marketing or any activity. Any kind of organisation, the management uses statistical systems for making valid decisions according to factual data on current operations. These decisions are of so vital importance that they not only improve today’s current situation, but additionally effect the future operations and policies. Statistics plays a crucial role and will be much getting used in production and inventory decisions, marketing decisions, investment and financial decisions and in planning moves.

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The Upside to Powder Foundation

The initial step in selecting the correct foundation is knowing what type will fit your skin type. It is one of the hardest things. There is absolutely no 1 right foundation.

If you are thinking about which foundation is better, there is absolutely no obvious winner or loser. These sorts of foundation supply the lightest coverage among all foundations found on the market. This skin form is extremely lucky since they can use any foundation based on the sort of look they want. You may use powder foundation exactly like the typical dense powder. With all this variety, you’re almost sure to locate mineral pressed powder foundation that is right for you.

If you’re natural beige in another sort of their foundation then you’re the same in regards to their mineral foundation makeup. When looking at which makeup foundation is right for you, it is wise to find excellent foundation since foundation is hard to find correctly and a number of the reduced brands are able to make your skin look cakey. Because foundation and other kinds of makeup clog skin pores to some degree, it’s very important to choose the most suitable kind.

What You Don’t Know About Powder Foundation

The kind of foundation you decide on is contingent on the type of skin you’ve got, that is. The very first thing you’ve got to learn whether you want it to happen is the way to pick the ideal foundation to your skin tone. For an organic makeup, utilizing a loose powder foundation is ideal.

Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Powder Foundation

The foundation usually includes a sponge. So be certain to check whether your liquid foundation gives light, medium, or complete coverage. The first couple of times you try to apply liquid foundation, you might not succeed. If you discover liquid foundations too fussy, decide on a powder foundation.

What You Must Know About Powder Foundation

The sort of foundation you use should ride on your skin form. The kind of foundation which works on your skin may not be appropriate for another. Tinted moisturizer foundations are essentially light-weight moisturizer with a hint of color.

Foundation can give a pure appearance to the skin though. In addition it’s important to eliminate the foundation with the right cleanser to keep up the moisture levels of your skin. The best thing about making use of a powder foundation is it is extremely light on the epidermis. Mineral pressed powder foundation is a superb option for anyone looking to have a better solution.

Foundation comes in a number of distinct forms and can usually be confusing for women to decide which type they ought to utilize. This sort of foundation provides you with an instant and long-wearing coverage. Another reason to reconsider in using mineral foundation is it includes lots of dyes. Revlon Colourstay Mineral Mousse Foundation proves that you don’t need to purchase makeup online so as to find an inexpensive superior product.

Whatever They Told You About Powder Foundation Is Dead Wrong…And Here’s Why

Powder controls greasiness and assists blotting oil and therefore it’s likewise suited to oily skin. Other items which you might want to look at is the way the powder is dispensed and what kind of brush is supplied or in case you have to purchase your own. Should you choose to see a whole lot, you may have used an excessive amount of powder.

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What is the Best Wood Type for Flooring?

Wood flooring is any product made from timber and designed for use as flooring- either structural or aesthetic. According to James Provence, wood is the most common choice when deciding on a flooring material and they come in various styles, colors, cuts, and species.

Trying to choose the best wood type for flooring is not an easy one as there is no best wood for flooring. Choosing a good wood type actually depends on your needs and what you lookout for.

There are generally two types of hardwoods which are:

Solid Hardwoods: These hardwoods are milled from a single piece of wood. Due to its technique of manufacturing- repeated sanding, it can last for decades. Made of natural material, solid hardwood adjusts to temperature and humidity changes and cannot be installed below grade or in damp spaces. To install, it must be nailed or stapled to a wooden subfloor.

Engineered Hardwood: This type of hardwood is manufactured by bonding different layers of plies together in a cross-grain construction which gives greater stability. Since it has the ability to withstand higher levels of humidity, engineered hardwood can be installed in baths and basements, as well as on concrete subfloors and radiant heating layers. To install, it can be glued, stapled or affixed to itself.

So, How do I decide on the best wood for flooring?

When making a choice on the best wood type to use for your flooring, it is very important to consider the following:

Texture: The texture of your wood is very important. Many manufacturers offer premium woods that would last many years. You can decide to go for hardwood floors that look shiny and new, or you can simply buy brand new wood that looks like an antique and gives the floor an appealing character.

Colors: The color you decide on getting actually depends on the type of texture you need. Hardwoods usually comes in various colors ranging from blond to black, and they all depend on species and finish.

Board Widths: Hardwoods comes in different widths- narrow strips which is less than three inches, wider planks which is more than three inches, parquet squares, and a new option- squares and rectangles. The strips give an idea of more space; planks give a rusty look while the parquet floors are best suited for formal spaces.

Hardness: If you have a busy household with pets and kids, it is important to choose the hardest wood specie you can find. This is because hard species like the red oak, will withstand wear and tear, while the soft species, like the pine, tend to show scratches.

Finish: Aside from protecting the surface, hardwood finishes helps to give floors color and luster. Most commercially available hardwood comes prefinished, which makes installation easier and eliminates dust, chemical fumes, and waiting time.

Hardwoods are the best standard of flooring surfaces and they can add value to your home. However, it is important to consider the factors listed above when choosing the best type of wood to use so as to get the best result from your flooring.

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If You want To Work From Home You Need A Plan

With millions of people looking to work from home it can be difficult to figure out where to find the best information. One thing that you need to know is that if you wish to work from home you definitely need to have a plan put together. Without a plan you are going to quickly see that you will have no direction without your home business aspirations.

The first thing that you are going to need to do is decide what you want to do form home. You need to decide what you are going to be passionate enough about to continue with even if you do not see success immediately. If you are truly passionate about something you will be able to easily share that enthusiasm with others which will hopefully encourage them to make a purchase from you. If you are not able to get excited about what you are selling you are going to have a difficult time getting someone to make a purchase from you.

The next thing that you are going to need to take care of is how you are going to find your business. You are going to need to not only figure out how you are going to get start up money for your business but how you are going to maintain your business to keep in running until you begin to make a profit.

Next on the list of things to do is looking into ways to market your business. If you know nothing about marketing a business from home you are going to want to start learning. You will need to learn about things like marketing on social media and article marketing in order to properly market your business. You need to be sure to learn all that you can about marketing so that you can learn what will work for your business and what is not going to work for your business.

This is just the beginning of the things that you need to do in order to properly run a business form home. You need to be sure that you are 100% committed to the idea of running a home business (see details) so you will treat it as a serious way to earn some income. Without a solid plan in place for your home business you will certainly will not see any amount of success mostly due to the fact that your home business will have no direction. So when you have committed to starting a home-based business you will want to make sure you create a plan before you do anything else.

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Finding the Right Family Law Specialists in Sydney for you

There are a multitude of areas in family law, all of which can be required in times of personal and emotional fragility, and as such hiring the right family lawyer s critical for you. However it can be difficult to know how to narrow it down and what questions to ask, especially when Sydney has so many family lawyer specialists. This is a guide to help you refine the type of family lawyer that is the right one for you.


Family law contains many facets of law, such as divorce, child custody, adoption, restraining orders, child support and visitation. When looking for a family lawyer, you want the lawyer that specialises in area this takes place in. While most family lawyers Sydney will have some level of experience in multiple areas, they are most likely to specialise in a certain form. While 25 years of experience might seem like a lot for aiding your adoption, it’s a lot less helpful if they’ve only done one adoption case. So identifying that they specialise in the field of your case is key.

Style of Proceeding

There are few different methods of proceedings that each area of family law has. For example divorce proceedings can be done through mediation, contested or collaboration law, just to name a few. You want to find a lawyer that understands that style and will operate in the proceedings accordingly. For instance you don’t want a lawyer who only does contested law (the type of divorce where it’s sort of a battle) for mediation (where a single lawyer advises the couple on dispersion of assets). While most lawyers will (and really should) tell you whether they are right for the style you want, asking and searching for a lawyer of the correct type is crucial.

Trust and Chemistry

Chemistry with your family lawyer is one of the more underrated needs. The ability to trust and properly convey your emotions, desires and needs to them allows for communication channels that result in the best results. Furthermore it makes the process a lot easier when the person advising you is someone that you connect with, rather than simple a person in a suit.

An important note: while connecting with your family lawyer is great, treating them as a proxy counsellor is unfair to them and unwise for you.

Ease For you

You may find that you identify the perfect lawyer for you, their expertise are highly relevant to your case, they specialise in the style you want and you get on really well, but getting the best of them is too difficult and straining for you. This can come in many forms:

1. Location
We live in a very large city and the perfect family lawyer specialists might be located all the way on the other side of Sydney. While many lawyers will allow their clients to have Skype meetings and phone calls, some operate through face to face only. If your trip is an hour each way you should be sure that this is a commitment you can make.

2. Accessibility
Do you need to have Skype meetings or phone calls because you travel for your job? Or maybe you would prefer to always see them face to face. Knowing whether your family lawyer provides the sort of communication methods that are right for you, will allow you to feel as comfortable as possible. If they don’t you might be stuck in a situation where you are unable to receive counselling when it’s desperately needed.

  1. Flexibility
    Similarly to methods of communication, are you able to communicate when and how it suits you. Some lawyers will only abide by very stringent hours and methods and will charge harshly if they you contact them outside these. If you don’t have a consistent weekly timetable or need to have variance in your communication that is important to identify and in turn look for. This can arrive in the form of contacting them for shorter periods (5 minute phone calls) or outside office hours as that’s the only time that can work for you. If this is something that is vital to you, establish this early and find a lawyer that will work with you.

    When investigating the hiring of a family lawyer specialist in Sydney do research into what you want exactly and ask yourself and prospective lawyers these questions. This will help you find the perfect lawyer for you and give you the best outcome possible.

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5 Lesser Known Services Provided by Rubbish Removal Companies

You leave some stuff on the side of the road, some guys come pick it up and that’s about it. I mean you reckon you get everything that rubbish removal specialists do. Well this might surprise you then, many rubbish removal companies offer more services than just that.

Here are 5 of the lesser known services that certain rubbish removal companies will provide:

1. Removing Furniture from Your Home
Often you have to remove all the stuff from you house before they’ll take it. But some junk removal businesses will come into your home and take your stuff from where it lies. Have you tried to lift a  couch? It’s tough. What about a fridge? Oh, it’s worse. What about moving an immovable object with an unstoppable force? Who knows? Rubbish removal specialists, that who. They lift all the stuff you don’t want to, so there’s no anguish about getting rid of old, heavy furniture.

2. Special Recycling Dedication
Most of the time when you mass evacuate rubbish from your house the idea of purposefully and methodically segregating and separating each item into its own recycling section is forgotten. You got wrapped up in the excitement of finally letting go of the unlabelled stack of floppy disks you didn’t stop to think, “how do I properly dispose of floppy disks?”. Well worry no more as some rubbish removal companies will take your rubbish back to their processing centres to organise and sort through all the material that they are collect to maximise all rubbish renewability.

3. Just strewn out on the Lawn
While organising, boxing and bagging rubbish is certainly preferred, the opposite is sometimes accepted. You started throwing the rubbish all over the front yard, like you just found out that the tip had been cheating on you. “Get out of here broken keyboard” you screamed as you hurtled it from the second story. “I have no time for you anymore!” you shout as you individually fling Play Station 2 games across the yard. Most people would be aghast by the idea throwing things around like mad with no regard for order or neatness. Well believe it or not, there are some gems of companies that will actually collect your garbage no matter what state you leave it in.

(Don’t do this, at least try to congregate the material­!)

4. They clean afterwards
Not the whole house or anything, because they’re rubbish removalists, not cleaners. But some businesses will clean the area that they pick up the material from. A lot of the time random debris get scattered, or even stained. So having a quick industrial clean ensures that all rubbish is taken and you’re not left with any residue.

5. Skip Delivery and Pick Up
They drop the skip off, you fill it with stuff, they pick it up. Bada bing bada boom, easy as that. If you have a lot of rubbish and are going to be clearing for a couple days, or even weeks then hiring a skip might be required. This shouldn’t be too unexpected, but you might not have known that’s how you get a skip; from a rubbish removal company. Makes sense though.

There are many reasons to hire a rubbish removal company, but they often provide services you might not even know about. So make sure you ask next time you decide you need professional rubbish removal services.

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What is Black Hat SEO? And why you Need to Avoid it

SEO practices are encouraged greatly by all major business and websites. They can help give your website the exposure it needs make a significant impact in the market you want. This means it can be enticing to try and do whatever it takes to have the most effective SEO, but almost always, the most alluring tactics are black hat practices.

Black Hat SEO tactics are unethical and banned techniques that unfairly, inaccurately or illegally generate a high search engine position for a website. There are many different tactics from the mildly unethical to the downright despicable and depending on what you do, the consequences can be dire.

Why might you use Black Hat Tactics?
In essence, black hat SEO is highly effective at giving your website a high search engine rank in a very short amount of time. Furthermore white hat techniques require significant amounts of time and effort to see them become fruitful. So it can be tempting to speed up the process, to dabble on the dark side of SEO and get to that front page of Google in mere weeks.

However, maybe it’s not a malicious attempt to game the system, it might be an accident. It is perfectly easy to unwittingly engage in these practices, after all SEO is hard and if down badly it can all too quickly become black hat tactics. Also if you don’t know about black hat tactics, you might just think you’ve found a cool method that will give you that extra boost you need, unaware that’s it’s against the rules.

7 Most common Black Hat Techniques

1. Cloaking
It is possible to create one set of pages for ‘web crawler’ and one for humans; this is known as cloaking. This can be useful for targeted advertising or even just making a URL look nicer. It can also be useful for sending humans to a page with relevant content and the bot to a page that is littered with black hat SEO techniques. This tricks the search engine into thinking the page it is on deserves a high rank, when it doesn’t at all. For the fact that is can be a catch all in search engine optimisation malpractice, it is taken extremely seriously.

  1. Hidden Texts and Link
    This is when you have a link or text, usually backlinks and keywords, on your website that the user cannot see, but is picked up by web crawlers. The main ways of hiding text are: using white text on a white background, making the font size 0, placing it behind an image, or having a link in a small character, such as a hyphen or a comma.

    3. Bad Neighbourhoods
    Backlinks: links to another site, are a major part of SEO. It is not okay to place a link over what appears to be a keyword, but in fact links to something unrelated altogether.

    4. Keyword Stuffing
    Keyword stuffing is spamming keywords on the website, either when they aren’t relevant, out of context, or so they can’t be seen. This can occur in many locations: Cloaked pages, hidden text, title tags, meta tags, comments, picture alt tags and even just in the middle of your content.

    5. Article Spinning
    Usually done by programs rather than people, article spinning is a taking an article and rewriting it so it appears to be unique and different, without actually changing or adding anything to it. These copycat articles are then given their own pages to live on; fill them back up with keywords and backlinks and voila, you have 3 new articles based on the exact same content of one descent article. Do this a couple more times and you can have dozens of articles stemming from a single piece of work, rewritten, rehashed and redone over and over again.

  2. Doorway or Gateway Pages
    Pages that simply aim to achieve a high search engine ranking, usually using highly optimise keywords and a plethora of other black hat methods. Once people go to their website from Google, they instantly link to the real website.

    7. Duplicate Content
    When content is not original or unique, just repeated or plagiarised. This occurs in two ways, one your site has the same content on different pages, simply changing headings, keywords or titles. Or you are blatantly ripping content off other sites and putting it on your own.

    If it is found out that you have been using black hat tactics, then Google will firstly filter out all of these results, so that your manipulation are not unfairly increasing your rank. This is fair and largely just results in the website receiving the rank it deserves.

    Secondly, Google will actively lower your rank, so you do not have your natural position.

    Lastly, Google will de-index you; this means you will not appear on a Google search, even if someone explicitly searches the name of your website. Being De-indexed can often mean the death of your website and is something you want to avoid at all possible costs.

    SEO can be strenuous, complex work that requires consistency to become valuable. However black hat tactics are short-term, dodgy ways to achieve the desired rank you want. Often, they will lead to you getting banned from Google all together.

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1 Easy Seo Tactic You Can Start Implementing Today

When it comes to marketing your business, some marketing tactics are more daunting to implement then others. For example, most people may feel comfortable putting together a flyer and organising a direct mail drop. Others may feel more comfortable writing an email pitching their new product launch and sending it to their local newspaper.

However, when it comes to SEO, most people ask, what is that? How does that work? Most of the time, the mindset is that it is something that only “technical” people can do and therefore it is left in the too hard basket.

The good news is SEO isn’t as hard as you might think. There are multiple tactics that are used in conjunction to achieve a better online search ranking.  Just like any tactic in marketing, there are harder activities to implement, as well as easier ones.

The following is one of those easier tactics. It is one SEO tactic you can start implementing today. No technical skill or specialised expertise required.

Get listed on free, online business directories

You might be thinking that listing your business on an online business directory is a waste of time and that no one really goes to these sites. However, to increase your business visibility online, business directories are great way to boost this. This technique is also used by Australian SEO company and other agencies.

The more your business website is listed on external, yet, credible sites, the more search engines will recognise your business as a legitimate business and one that should be seen when people are searching for a business of your type. When people are searching under a particular keyword that relates to your business, directory listings will help your website be seen in the overall search ranking.

Also, when creating your business listing description, you need to use keywords that relate to your business. Keywords are search terms that people will typically use to find your website. Due to some directories having a high traffic volume, your business listing may appear when someone is searching under the keyword that relates to your business.

 Which directories should I chose?

Firstly, make a list of some credible directories. When I say credible, I mean the directories should have real traffic value. This is sometimes referred to as an “Alexa ranking”. The lower the Alexa ranking the more credible the site.

Examples of some Australian directories you might want to consider are Yellow Pages, True Local, Hot Frog and Start Local. To find more credible business directories, conducting a simple online search for “top Alexa ranking business sites” is an ideal way to find more. Also, use commonsense. The more credible business directories are ones that you have normally heard of before.

What should I upload in my business listing?

 Before you starting filling out business listings, ensure you have all your information, images and other materials together to make the process streamlined, fast and efficient.

The description is one of the most important parts of your business listing. As mentioned earlier, use keywords that relate to your business. Ask yourself, what would my customers or clients be typing into a search engine bar to find my business? Also, you can use tools such as Google Adwords’ Keyword Planner. This will give you suggestions for keywords relating to your product or service.

Although you will be uploading descriptions for each directory listing, they all need to be unique. Don’t copy and paste your description into each directory. It is OK to use similar information, but try and use different terms where possible so it isn’t a duplicate copy of another listing.

Another crucial element to include in your business listing is of course, your website. Having your website featured on a credible external site is part of the activity that helps with boosting your online visibility and search ranking.

The next step is to gather other materials that you can upload with your description to make your listing more attractive and reputable.


  • Social media links – some popular ones to include could be: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn
  • Your business email address and phone number
  • Business logo
  • Other business images if applicable
  • Business opening and closing times

What do I do next?

Now that you have filled in your business listings, ensure you keep a list of all the directories you are featured in. You might find it handy to keep this information in an Excel spreadsheet.

To be really organised, create columns in spreadsheet for descriptions and keywords used in each directory, as well as a direct link to your listings. Also, it helps to place what email login and password you used for each one. This will help when you may need to review your listings in the future.

Also, many directory sites may ask you to confirm your email address or listing. They will normally send you an email with a link to verify your listing. Once verified, your listing may be live straight away or it might take 24 hours. Remember to check your inbox for any confirmation emails, including your spam or promotions folders.

Once you have your directory listings up and running, if possible, try and get customers and friends to review your business. Having a few testimonials or a five star rating will definitely help with boosting your profile.

There you have it – a quick and easy SEO tactic that you can implement today. All it takes is couple of hours. Start off by getting your descriptions together and gathering other links, images and social media accounts. As you upload your listings, keep an organised record of what and where you have posted and remember to check for any confirmation emails. Lastly, see if your clients, customers, family and friends would be willing to give you a positive review on your listings.

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